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Welcome to Lorenzo's!

Lorenzo’s Cantina is a daily celebration of Mexico’s vibrant food culture. From our colorful food presentation to our lively, casual restaurant atmosphere, we give you the Mexican dining experience you crave. More importantly, we serve authentic, affordable, and always-fresh Mexican food that you can enjoy with your friends and family.

Located in Buena Vista, Colorado, our Mexican restaurant is not only a hometown favorite, it’s also the perfect place to stop by after a day of whitewater rafting, mountain hiking, and other energy-filled local activities. Enjoy Colorado – and come visit us. Let our delicious fajitas and refreshing margaritas end your holiday (or your everyday-special-day) on a high note.

Our Flavorful, Authentic Mexican Menu

Putting a fresh spin on Mexican classics, our menu makes Mexican food exciting and interesting for everyone. We serve a variety of nachos, quesadillas, enchiladas, fajitas, churros, and other popular Mexican eats that will surely satisfy your cravings. Plus, we offer an array of refreshing drinks like margaritas and piña coladas. Pick out a dish from our menu, and we’re always ready to whip up some crazy good Mexican food just for you.

Our Lively, Vibrant Restaurant

Walk into our restaurant, and you’ll quickly feel like you’re in a cantina in the middle of a busy street in Mexico. Not only do we have colorful bars and dining areas, but we also have a lively and friendly staff that is always ready to deliver outstanding customer service. Plus, we keep a casual, family-oriented atmosphere to complement the comforting goodness that our food brings. At our restaurant, we are always looking forward to making you feel at home. Come, and join us for lunch or dinner. Call (719) 395-9998 today to make a reservation.
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Customer Testimonials

Lorenzo’s Review


Wonderful service absolutely the best, great food. I highly recommend the chicken en mole, fresh hand made tortillas and chips what more could you ask for. Love this place!

Lorenzo’s Review


Only five stars? No I give 10 stars. We were going to go to Subway, when I noticed Los Girasoles. One of the best meals I’ve had in the last ten years. Outstanding salsa, Chicken Chimi was sooooo good. I feel like driving back there (250 miles away). No other place to eat as far as I am concerned.

Lorenzo’s Review


Best Mexican food in BV, IMO. Get anything with the Carne Asada steak in it and you won’t be disappointed. The Cadillac margarita with the Gran Gala on the side to pour in, is also highly recommended. Very friendly staff. We will be back!