About Lorenzo’s Cantina

About Lorenzo’s Cantina

About Us

Our restaurant focuses on four core values: great food, superior service, respect for every customer, and connection with our community. These values drive our daytoday decisions in our pursuit to offer the best dining experience possible to everyone who comes in. We hope you join us for lunch or dinner—allow our friendly staff to serve you the food we always take pride in.

Brief Company History

Over the years, Lorenzo’s Cantina has become the hometown family favorite in Buena Vista, Colorado. We are the go-to place for special family events and fun-filled times with friends,  and we are also a deliciously exciting stopover for tourists. To add to the enjoyment – and now under new management – Lorenzo’s Cantina is putting a fresh spin on classic Mexican food. This way, we keep Mexican food favorites fresh and exciting for everyone—but that’s the only thing that has changed. Our staff still delivers excellent customer service and our restaurant’s ambiance remains casual, festive, and inviting, giving you the unique Mexican dining experience.

Come and visit us, today. Let our restaurant takes you on a gastronomic journey to Mexico! Call (719) 395-9998 now for reservations.

Lorenzo’s Cantina
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